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SalonEDGES and Excellent Edges

Excellent Edges Scissorsmiths are the only company in Australia still manufacturing their own line of scissors and products, giving them a significant advantage over competitors when it comes to manufacturing and sharpening scissors for the professional hair dresser. 

SalonEDGES is the only authorised agent for Excellent Edges scissors in South Australia and the Northern Territory, priding ourselves on professional knowledge, training and local service of the complete Excellent Edges scissor brand.

Be confident that your scissors will feel and cut like new when they leave the service manufacturing workshop and more importantly, the support you’ll receive for many years after making your investment by SalonEDGES that is unprecedented in the industry.

Having used Excellent Edges Scissors for over 35 years, I am proud to be entrusted as the only authorised SA & NT agent for Excellent Edges! Scissors for the Serious! 

Tony Scarfo